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  Wuhan Yili Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 2007,
the headquarters is located in a "China optical valley" of wuhan east lake high-tech development zone,
is a focus on digital ink jet control system and digital inkjet printing equipment research and development,
production and sales of national high and new technology enterprise,
the company currently has more than 200 employees, including technical development personnel account for 40% or more than.

      Since 2007 the company successfully developed the first generation with independent intellectual property rights of inkjet technology based on TCP/IP protocol network control system, and continuously in the domestic first to launch a series of high-speed inkjet printing control system of leading industry, successfully developed the infinite pole technology, data dynamic balance technology, data transmission, up to 4 g per second, opened a new era industrial inkjet head.

 2010 registered company own spray printing equipment brand "XENONS, sharp noth", formed in electronic,
mechanical and automation products independently developed the core technology research and development team, the micro piezo technology application level to do the international top level,
major breakthroughs in core technologies level,
launched dozens of high speed paper and anti-counterfeiting printing presses,
drug regulatory code spurt the code machine, color label printing machine, high precision piezoelectric pictorial machine,
wide spraying machines, multi-function equipment, multi-functional UV machine,
industrial UV coil machine, textile industrial inkjet printing digital printing machine and other advanced equipment,
and exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world,
Widely used in advertising production, building materials color printing, art simulation,
clothing textile printing and other industrial production areas.

The company has a production area of more than 20,000 square meters,
branches in Europe, South America, South Asia and other regions, and offices in guangdong,
zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong and other large industrial provinces.
The company carries out modern enterprise management, steady management,
rapid development, proposed "to the technology to produce value",
product quality compared with world-class high-end equipment manufacturing.The company has passed ISO9000 certification system and won the "gazelle enterprise" award for many times.

Companies adhering to the "create value for society, create benefits for customers, creating opportunities
for staff, creating excellence enterprise globalization, achievement sharp,
a world brand, achievements billion electronic globalization strategy" the management idea, in line with "
with industry development, growing together with the user,
make every million people have become a useful person to society, make social respect people,
bring happiness and hope for himself and his family" of the enterprise vision, in the industry establish a good corporate reputation and brand image.We are committed to the goal of "creating value", and will continue to provide the most advanced overall solutions to the industry and the society with due responsibilities of enterprises.

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